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Video Shows Palestinian Children Being Rescued From Rubble After Airstrike

Palestinian rescue crews pulled two young girls from the rubble in the aftermath of an airstrike, one of whom was alive.

A video emerged today of Palestinian humanitarian workers digging through rubble and pulling out two young girls, one dead, from the destruction.

The footage was released by local Palestinian media on Tuesday and describes the aftermath of an Israeli strike on Jaffa Street in Gaza City. The two girls were reportedly sisters and sleeping in the same room when an airstrike hit their house. The one girl in the video who was killed was 11 years old.

Palestinian Red Crescent crews found the girls after hearing screaming under the rubble.

At least 55 Palestinians were killed by Israeli airstrikes on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press, bringing the death toll to 1,284 since the operation began July 8. Most of those killed have been civilians, a large majority of which have been children.