Alvvays, Snail Mail, and Hatchie Covering The Hummingbirds Is A Blessing

Lindsey Jordan and Harriette Pilbeam joined Alvvays onstage on the last night of their tour.
October 1, 2018, 4:30am

Alvvays, Snail Mail and Hatchie just wrapped up a US tour together, and to mark the final night of their run together, Snail Mail's Lindsay Jordan and Hatchie's Harriette Pilbeam joined Alvvays onstage to cover "Alimony", an 80s single from Sydney jangle band The Hummingbirds. Alvvays have been covering the song in their set for a while now, but there's something very exciting about seeing multiple new-school indie rock musicians play songs together. See also: Snail Mail and Waxahatchee covering Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough!"

"Alimony" fits right within Hatchie and Alvvays' respective wheelhouses—harmonies, woah-ohs, shoegaze-y noise passages, mentioning alimony in a pop song—if maybe not Snail Mail's, but the cover really goes regardless. With Warsaw's glitter curtains lining the stage, the whole scene is vaguely reminiscent of teen film prom scenes, which is always a nice aesthetic. After a long, weird weekend, this Very Wholesome cover feels like a blessing, honestly. Watch "Alimony" below:

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