Alex Jones and Infowars just got kicked off Twitter for good

Twitter said in a tweet that @infowars and @realalexjones had too long violated its “abusive behavior policy.” ​
September 6, 2018, 9:03pm

Just a day ago, Sen. Marco Rubio threatened to “take care” of Alex Jones. On Thursday, Twitter finished the job by permanently suspending him and his website.

The infamous conspiracy theorist and head of the far-right fake news empire Infowars has already been kicked off countless popular social media sites — Facebook and YouTube among them — for violating respective terms of service. Twitter didn’t specify which exact posts did him in, but the company said in a tweet that his @infowars and @realalexjones accounts had too long violated its “abusive behavior policy.”


Jones is also banned from Periscope, a live-streaming platform owned by Twitter. But the Infowars show “War Room” — which is hosted by Roger Stone and Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer — is still on Twitter and Periscope, where it has more than 26,000 followers.

Twitter was among the few remaining social media juggernauts that allowed Jones’ content to stay, after an early-August purge that began with Jones’ podcasts vanishing from Apple Podcasts and iTunes. Then Spotify booted "The Alex Jones Show." Facebook and YouTube soon followed, and even Pinterest joined in.

Jones' YouTube channel had 2.4 million followers. He was a verified user on Twitter and, as of Aug. 6, had about 815,000 followers. His following grew on the social media platform after he was removed from other outlets.

Infowars’ flagship website still stands, and more than 160 stations nationwide syndicate and stream his show online to an audience of millions.

Jones attended a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday with social media executives, who he’s repeatedly charged with censoring him and other right-leaning personalities and websites. During the proceedings, Jones verbally attacked a CNN reporter while live-streaming the encounter on Periscope. He then posted the nearly 15-minute encounter to his website. “I’m going to start coming up here a lot,” Jones said of the congressional hallways. “You are literally a sociopath,” Jones told the reporter, adding he was “empty” and a “fraud.”

The exchange with Rubio happened in a hallway when Jones joined a scrum of reporters around the senator and repeatedly interrupted him with provocative taunts. At one point, he touched Rubio’s shoulder and called him a “frat boy.”

Rubio bristled, and when Jones asked if he was going to call security, Rubio responded: “I’ll take care of you myself.”

Speaking on his live program Thursday, Jones said that he was surrounded by “50 news cameras” in the hallway. He added that he was merely waiting for Rubio and “confronted him about the censorship, and he was very rude.”

Cover image: Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones speaks outside of the Dirksen building of Capitol Hill after listening to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)