Man Emails Every Nicole from His University to Find a Girl He Met at a Bar

It somehow worked.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
Photo via Twitter. Some information has been removed.

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Thirst makes people do a lot of dumb things and one of those dumb things is grand romantic gestures which are best case, embarrassing, and worst case, creepy.

Take the case of Carlos Zetina, a freshman student at the University of Calgary, who apparently found himself a perfect girl named Nicole at a campus bar during the start of school last week for example. He took her and her friend home (not like that, get your head out of the gutter) and got her number—nice! Well, it wasn’t nice actually, when he texted the number it wasn’t Nicole—he was given a wrong number.


Now, does Zetina take this as a hint that Nicole (if that’s even her real name) gave him a fake number and maybe doesn’t want to hang out? Well, you’ve read the headline of this article so you know that Zetina does not take this as the world’s most obvious hint. Instead, our man decides the best plan of action is to email every single Nicole at the university—all 246 of them.

“Hi this is a mass email to all Nicole's, if you don’t fit this description then ignore and if you are the one and just don’t want to talk to me that’s OK as well,” reads Zetina’s email. “If you’re from Holland and think Nietzsche is depressing than text me. I’m Zetina btw, the guy who took you and your friend home last night.”

The subject line read: Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number.

Like reading possible hints, Zetina is also bad at knowing how to BCC on email and the Nicoles were able to see just how many of them were contacted. They started emailing each other—leaving Zetina out of it—almost immediately.

"Somebody responded only to the Nicoles of the group and said, 'Should we all tell him that we're his Nicole, all 250 of us?'" Nicole Macmillan, a U of C student, told HuffPost. "And then it just blew up from there."

Photo via Twitter. Name has been removed.

They, like all good Nicoles should, created a Facebook group called “Nicole from Last Night” and planned and executed an all Nicole hangout around Zetina’s email. Some people posted about the email and meet up online and it went viral.


Lo and behold, their meet up actually brought the actual “Nicole from last night” out of the woodwork and she wrote the group. It turns out that she’s an exchange student from Holland and doesn’t have a U of C email meaning she didn’t even get, what she described in a Facebook post as, “the beautiful email.” Turns out that she had only had her Canadian number for a short amount of time so the wrong number was a legitimate accident and not a hint. It’s a twist!

The Nicoles, protective of their own, checked in with the exchange student Nicole and after getting her permission to put her and Zetina in touch. According to the Toronto Star who spoke to Zetina, the two are “planning to hang out maybe next week.”

While this is no doubt great news for Zetina, this potentially happy ending is bad news for every single woman who has ever tried to let a guy down easy.

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