Cardi B Says She'll Earn Less from Coachella than She'll Spend On It

In a new interview, she says that despite being paid $70,000 per weekend, she's investing a lot more than that in her Coachella stage show.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Coachella will hold its first weekend from this Friday (13 April), thus opening the floodgates on festival season for the rest of the world. Its headliners will be Beyoncé, The Weeknd, and Eminem, though there's another act who'll probably draw crowds just as large.

Obviously I'm talking about Cardi B, the woman who, deservedly, doubles as the subject of every other headline you're reading right now. Speaking to Superstar J and Gray Rizzy on SiriusXM, Cardi discussed her Coachella set, noting that she's been booked to play the festival for months, which means her fee ($70,000 per weekend, in case you were wondering) doesn't necessarily cover the stage set-up that an artist of her size and calibre might now command.

In the interview, she says that previously, "I didn't know that Coachella was such a big deal," but right now she's committed to providing her audience with the best possible show, even to the point of investing a chunk of her own money: "I have to invest so much money on my stage set, my own money that I gotta go to Wells Fargo and write a cheque… almost three hundred thou," she says, though, like any good business woman, she adds, "It's an investment, you gotta take that."

The main takeaway from this interview clip, which you can watch above, is Cardi's candour. You can learn a great deal about the music industry from watching interviews with her, wherein she frequently talks openly about money and what her life as a recording artist is actually like. It's a valuable thing, and her openness – which is one of the many reasons why the world collectively fell in love with her – is extremely powerful in a music industry that desperately needs more transparency.

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