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Bills WR Zay Jones Arrested After Bloody and Nude Rampage in Los Angeles

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver was in a scrap with his brother Cayleb Jones of the Minnesota Vikings.
Screen capture via TMZ

It feels difficult to piece together exactly what happened to Zay Jones on Monday night. TMZ released a video of Jones at an L.A. apartment building, completely nude, scrapping with his brother, as well as the final scene of bloodstains smeared across the penthouse walls.

Just take a look:

At the very beginning of the video, you can hear him saying "I'm going to fight for Jesus" as his brother Cayleb, a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, tries to corral him. Unnamed witnesses told TMZ that Jones was trying to jump out of a 30th floor window and eventually found his way to a public balcony where he tried to kick out the glass.

We're told Zay actually tried to squeeze through the hole in the window, but Cayleb restrained him until police arrived, and arrested him for felony vandalism.

Jones was charged with felony damage to property and released early this morning, with bail set at $20,000. The Buffalo Bills released a statement saying they were aware of the incident, but would not comment further.