Noisey's British Masters Series Is Coming to Your Headphones

We've got three past interviews, hosted by John Doran, transformed from videos into podcasts. Don't say we don't look after you guys.
Mark E Smith interviewed by John Doran
The late Mark E Smith, interviewed by John Doran for The British Masters (Image via screenshot)

Everyone has their own way to handle an anniversary. Some people forget them. Some go all out, with grand gestures and thousands of pounds spent to make sure their partner knows they love them. Some… well, some do that thing where they want to plan something, then work gets busy and it's the day before and they're browsing online for next-day flower delivery services that cost less than £40…

We've gone another route. It's almost exactly six years since music journalist and The Quietus co-founder John Doran hosted the first video interview for our British Masters series. For that edition, he sat down with Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry AKA the man responsible for all those guys from art school who wore ties to lectures and said you 'just didn't get it.' Since then, we've dug into career-spanning chats with everyone from Cosey Fanni Tutti and Dizzee Rascal to folk legend Shirley Collins and Liam Gallagher, strolling in a park recalling partying with Steve Coogan.

To mark the occasion, we're releasing three British Masters episodes as podcasts: our recent chats with Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai, Tracey Thorn, and then a classic episode with the late Mark E Smith. This means you can now jam Doran's in-depth conversations into your ears on repeat, while you're on the move. You can get them on Apple, Acast and Spotify – and we'll let you know when there'll be more to hear. In the meantime, dig in. Oh, and check out our brand-new British Masters interview with Damon Albarn, too, where he chats about the new Good, the Bad and the Queen album and his long, dedicated career so far.

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