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10 Casually Sexy Gifts for Your Cuffing Season Partner

A little something for your friend with benefits, that benefits you too.
couple in bed
Photo by Bonnin Studio/Stocksy

It’s cuffing season, that time of the year when it’s just too damn cold to go out on the prowl. Luckily, you’ve hopefully met someone to keep your bed toasty—noice! But with gift-giving season around the corner, what’s the perfect present for a lover you don’t plan on keeping around once spring, AKA slutty season, rolls back around? Something that you can use too, obvs. Whether it’s a rubber duck vibrator, CBD-enhanced lube, or a silky soft robe, these gifts are great for sharing with the lover(s) in your life, while keeping the vibe 100 percent chill.


Master Dynamic Headphones

Perfect for: The aspiring DJ
So you started dating a DJ. It’s not your fault! Sweet headphones are the perfect gift because everyone wants em—but most just lazily settle for white earbuds. If you’re a sugar mommy, The Rolling Stones made these handsome, high-end headphones in collab with audiophile-favorite Master Dynamic. If your boo is a club kid, Urban Ears makes a cute pair with the acid house smiley. (They also make speakers in popping colors too, for sharing tunes.)


Natural Arousal Lube with THC Weed Lube

Perfect for: The pothead with dry mouth
Weed lube is so hot right now, and you deserve to try it. Here’s how it works: rub it on your partner before play and let it steep for ~20 minutes—that area will get extra sensitive, and whoever licks it gets a nice buzz too. Foria’s weed lube contains THC, looks super classy, and is one of the most popular on the market. If you don’t want to get stoned, Felix & Ambrosia’s CBD lube comes in fun flavors like Banana Cream Pie.


Photo courtesy of Chakrubs

Chakrubs The Heart Crystal

Perfect for: The New Age sex guru
A dildo pretty enough that you never have to stash it out of sight… what a brilliant idea. Chakrubs’ gorgeous sculptures are carved from jade, amethyst, and rose quartz; while Crystal Delights’ Swarovski crystal anal plugs have magnets like a Hello Kitty medallion and a My Little Pony-style tail.


Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks

Perfect for: The late-night booty call
Your late-night snack is sporting some seriously sad-looking under-eye bags. Help them out with Erno Laslo’s cooling eye-serum mask—a hydrogel eye patch soaked in algae, vitamin B3, and other dark circle-banishing nutrients that will help them recover from that 3 AM booty call.


Hotdog Cock Ring Bracelet

Perfect for: The fuccboi
Unbound makes stealthy jewelry that doubles as sex accessories (sex-essories?)—including a necklace that you can use to store lube, a bracelet that doubles as a cock ring, and body jewelry that acts as a nipple and clit clamp. It’s some really fun stuff, made by a proudly “woke” company that designs for all genders in mind.


The Eggplant Emojibator

Perfect for: The shy slut
A vibrator that looks like a rubber duck. Or the emoji eggplant. Or a bright pink drone. These are just some of the stealthy sex toys, made by Emojibator and Clandestine Devices, that are perfect for someone who prefers to keep their horniness under wraps—or just has a sly sense of humor. If you wanna get really crazy, there’s even this one called Club Vibe, that reacts to sound vibrations and is designed to wear out in the club. SERIOUSLY.


Kim + Ono Handpainted Peacock Kimono Robe

Perfect for: The playboy/girl
Scrounging around for your clothes on the floor after a romp in the hay is so tired. There’s a sexier, and hell of a lot more convenient alternative: slipping on a robe instead. Kim + Ono, based in Chinatown, San Francisco, is killing the hand-painted silk kimono game, while Recliner’s jersey robe is perfect for everyday lounging—and even comes with a hood.


Best Self Weekly Action Pad

Perfect for: The hot mess
The date that’s always late could use a bit more organization in their life, so here’s how you send them a pointed message: Best Self’s Weekly Action Pad, a simple planner that lets them list everything they need to do that week. With you as the top priority, of course.


Malin + Goetze Cannabis Candle

Perfect for: The sophisticated stoner
The husky scent of weed might be an acquired taste, but cannabis-scented candles, like this one from Malin + Goetze, takes influences from the plant while incorporating notes of other delicious smells, like sandalwood, patchouli, and lemon.


Horoscope Vibrator Set

Perfect for: Sexy witches
Sex toy emporium Babeland stocks these horoscope-themed gift sets in pretty triangular boxes—each is embossed with your astrological constellation and contains a gemstone necklace matching your sign, a little silicone vibrator, and a tin of “orgasm balm” made with fragrances that correspond to your Water, Air, Earth or Fire element. If this doesn’t make your favorite witch orgasm in sheer delight, nothing will.