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Photos of Festive Nail Art Masterpieces

Try wrapping gifts with these talons.

If the tradition of a holiday gift exchange seems like an expected, relatively simple task to you, consider yourself lucky. With US adults estimating that they will spend approximately $1,007 on presents this year alone, is there any hope for those looking to avoid this annual gift-giving crisis? We think so! This year, the best gift for others may just be the one you give yourself.

Working with with renowned nail artist Savannah Walker, we created a roundup of festive nail masterpieces that are sure to get anyone through the holiday season. Don't take our word for it, though: Manicures have been around for nearly 5,000 years. Historically, the practice of tending to one's nails was seen as a signifier of wealth and power, but was never limited to the gendered experience some view it as today. So we conclude that nail art is suitable for anyone who enjoys taking a moment to spend on themselves. Manicures can soften even the grouchiest grinch as they make their grudge list, and check it twice. Let's find out together if trimming a dead tree in the middle of one's home and wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts is somehow less stressful with adorned talons.


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