The CIA Is Live-Tweeting the Oscars for Some Reason

Your tax dollars at work!
February 25, 2019, 3:24am
Black Panther
Original image via IMDb

Most of the time, the Central Intelligence Agency's official Twitter feed is made up of bland AMAs, random job opportunities, and facts about CIA history or whatever. But during the Oscars on Sunday night, someone in the depths of Langley has decided that it would be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else to live-tweet the ceremony—and the whole thing is, uh, exactly as bizarre as it sounds.

Apparently, the CIA thinks that we all need a lesson in whether or not Marvel movies are real life, so they've taken it upon themselves to tweet about whether the futuristic technology in Black Panther actually exists. Spoiler: They don't! It's a movie!

They're also apparently taking suggestions about which Black Panther tech we'd all like to see in real life, so get in there now if you want to make sure some top-secret government org starts pouring funds into R&D for Kimoyo bracelets. These are your tax dollars at work!

The whole thing is like some kind of bizarre Black Mirror mescaline dream, but this is the world we live in, everybody. At least Trump hasn't tweeted about how much he loved Bohemian Rhapsody yet, so that's something. Still, the whole thing begs the question: For the love of all that is holy, why does this exist?

In the words of one noble Twitter user:

Apologies to whatever CIA social media intern had to sacrifice their Sunday for this.

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