Get Ready for VICE LIVE

We're breaking down the walls with our first ever live television show.
January 18, 2019, 8:00am
VICE LIVE cast members
Our hosts, from left to right, Marie Faustin, Fat Tony, Sandy Honig, and Zack Fox. Photo courtesy VICE

VICE is starting off the new year with a bold, new step for our young television station VICELAND—a prime time live show. VICE LIVE will run for two-hours a night, four nights a week, on VICE's US-based television channel starting on Feb. 25, from 9pm to 11pm, Eastern Standard Time.

VICE LIVE is all the things you already love about VICE—fearless irreverence, boundless curiosity, and a DIY sensibility—recreated in the most-exciting medium on television. Four nights a week, VICE LIVE will present viewers with unique, informed takes on the day's hottest topics, tapping into our already deep bench of diverse, young creators and journalists based across the globe.

The result will be a show that is built, ground-up, for today. It's live, rapidly-shifting, and absurd, reacting to a live studio audience and viewers worldwide tuning online. Here in Asia, we'll be offering cuts of VICE LIVE on our social platforms, so be sure to subscribe.

We got a great team of smart, funny, pop culture obsessed hosts to hold it down, including comedian/ actress Marie Faustin, writer/comedian/internet provocateur Zack Fox, comedian/director/photographer Sandy Honig, and rapper/host Fat Tony.

Behind the scenes, an amazing crew led by executive producer Jeremy Hutchins (VH1 LIVE, 106 & PARK) and director Joe Perota ("Last Week Tonight," "The Chris Gethard Show") will be bringing our iconic takes on the culture at-large as well as specific trends in food, fashion, sex, drugs, music, video games.

We're opening this all up to you, the viewers, as well. Everyone can interact with VICE LIVE in real-time, helping us shape what we create each night. So tune in, sit down, and get involved. We can't wait to see you there.