The Last Iron Throne Has Been Found

It's in New York City, everybody!
Throne of the Crypt

UPDATE (3/28): Wow, that was fast. The sixth and final Iron Throne has been found, only about an hour after the clue video went live. How is that even possible? GoT fans are out of control. The so-called Throne of the Crypt is at Fort Totten Torpedo Battery in Queens. So if you're in New York City and want to make a trek out to some creepy stone building for some selfies on an Iron Throne, now's your chance! Get going!


Our original article is below.

For the past few weeks, Game of Thrones has held a massive scavenger hunt for six Iron Thrones scattered across the world. One was in a forest, another in the desert, and a third was in a godforsaken frozen hellscape in Canada or something. Fans have been going to the literal ends of the earth to track these things down, and so far, five of the thrones have been found. But there's still one last one out there, waiting to be discovered—and on Thursday, the show dropped the clue to its whereabouts. It's, uh, in some freaky-ass crypt?

Give this video a watch and see if you recognize it:

The hour-long video doesn't offer much in the way of easily-recognizable landmarks, unfortunately. You can't even point the camera up and try to geolocate the thing, since it's just in the corner of some giant brick room.

But, uh…Can anyone figure out what kind of leaves those are? Maybe they belong to some rare tree that only grows in a very specific climate? How is anyone supposed to figure this out? Start exploring some crypts, everybody! This is the last unclaimed throne—you could still be first to find it.

Or maybe just ask this guy, who shows up in the video to clean the camera at one point. He knows where it is.


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