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Reddit Is Engaged in a Highly Entertaining 'Star Wars' Meme War

Begun, the meme wars have.
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After nearly two decades of undeserved scorn, the Star Wars prequels are finally getting the credit they deserve as undeniably dank meme material.

The memefication of the Star Wars prequels have turned the films' overly complex storylines, meandering monologues, and clunky dialogue into George Lucas's most important and entertaining work.

The newfound reverence for cliché men's rights activist Anakin Skywalker, Trump stand-in Senator Palpatine, and even Jar-Jar Binks has sparked a Reddit meme war between the prequel memers and an upstart group of overmatched rebels hellbent on defending the superiority of the original trilogy and the new sequels.


Sunday, the subreddits r/prequelmemes and r/sequelmemes declared a meme war on each other. The terms of war and victory conditions are undefined, but early in this galactic struggle it is readily apparent that prequel memes has the higher ground.

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It remains unclear whether Anakin thinks that a meme war is an appropriate system of governance for the subreddits.