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President Joko Widodo, Man Of The People, Lover Of Cute Goats

Jokowi's goats, an admittedly odd choice of presidential pet, offer a great deal of symbolism.
March 14, 2017, 12:58pm

In an age where people spend hours watching small women eat insane amounts of food, its no wonder that vlogging has reached the highest office of Indonesia. One of the world's newest celebrity vloggers is Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

A viral video, posted last night to Facebook and has reached over 800,000 views at press time, shows President Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi, rap squatting in an animal pen and praising the healthy physiques and cuteness of his goats in his now signature bomber jacket.

Known for his unique taste in pets, President Jokowi has has previously shown his love for unconventional pets like frogs and birds.

Nobody is quite sure where and when Jokowi picked up his recent love for vlogging. But some think his son Kaesang Pangarep, a famous YouTube vlogger in his own right, had something to do with it. Jokowi is starting to show that he is mastering the art of talking to a smartphone towards people who have nothing else to do on the Internet.


His vlogging skills have even recently brought the public into closed doors diplomatic events, as he recently posted a video of a private lunch with Saudi Arabia's King Salman.

Jokowi's goats, an admittedly odd choice of presidential pet, offer a great deal of symbolism. Goats are famous for their strong sense of will, connection to agriculture, and in Jokowi's own words, optimism (Not sure why, but they're his goats, so he can say they mean whatever he wants them to mean).

For most Indonesians, goats are an everyday part of life; whether being prepared on a grill or used as an alternative to a guard dog; Jokowi's choice of a goat as a pet speaks to his image as a man of the people.

Look at Obama, he had a Portuguese Water Dog; I can't even type that without feeling rich. Emperor Akihito had an alien-looking fish; further entrenching the deity like mysticism surrounding him. Francoise Hollande had a camel; a gift that was eventually eaten.  All these pets entrench the feeling that world leaders are above most people. But Jokowi showcases that his furry friends are the true goat-to pet of the common man.