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Q Are Back So Now Is Probably A Good Time to Call the Plasterer

Missouri's Q return with two more songs of frantic, crockery cracking punk rock.

As far as apeshit bands breaking things in small Mid Western bars and basements, it doesn't get much more 'breaking things' than Q.

Led by vocalist Austin Roberts, the hardcore band from O'Fallon, Missouri have been known to set up dining settings just so they can pulverise them in some kind of primal cross between Crisis of Conformity and a punk Matt Foley.

Following a demo and seven inch on Lumpy records, the four-piece, who also feature Matthew Walker (drums) Jack Fister (guitar) and Mike Jones (bass), are back with Relaxed Mike, a new two-track release that has them upping the ante/IKEA carnage.

Put on some protective eyewear and take a listen.

'Relaxed Mike' is available through Bandcamp.

Image: Bandcamp