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Gui Boratto Puts His Magic-Touch on Fritz Kalkbrenner's New Single

The Brazilian-heavyweight brings the German artist's "Void" to even more emotional heights.

Fritz Kalkbrenner, one of Germany's most revered electronic artists of the last decade (and brother of minimal-progressive icon Paul Kalkbrenner) is currently readying his third album Ways Over Water for a March 24th release via Suol/BMG. Ahead of the LP's spring release is Fritz's new single "Void," which drops this friday with remixes by a number of artists like Talul and Andre Hommen, as well as Brazilian-heavyweight Gui Borratto, whose rework we have streaming above. 

In typical Fritz-fashion, "Void" is heralded by lush piano-chords and distorted drums, as well as the artist's own vocals—Boratto's addition strips down much of the production's entirety, inserting his usual dosage of emotional chord-work, swirling synths, and levels of carefully measured restraint.

"Void" is available this Friday, January 16th alongside remixes by Gui Borratto, Baron Dafoe, Talul and Andre Hommen as part of an EP release on Beatport.

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