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Watch a Tranquil Exchange Between Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean from the 'Cherry Bomb' Doc Premiere

"You gotta keep it fun or you'll lose your fucking mind... that's how n***as become heroin addicts."

Back in January, Tyler, the Creator released a full-length documentary about the making of his (underrated) 2015 album Cherry Bomb in LA. The film's director Mikey Alfred has now unveiled a candid look at what went down during that premiere on his YouTube channel and, true to the ever-looming spectre of Odd Future, it's wacky, but also full of camaraderie.

Set to the lush strains of Renee Geyer's' "It Only Happens," Tyler and co. launch a skateboard under the wheels of an unsuspecting motorist (they're fine), and insult each other in freestyle battles like true friends do. Tyler himself signs a lot of film posters in his inimitable fashion ("Fuck You Dawg I Only Signed This Poster So You Can Feel Special"), prompting a wild Frank Ocean to appear and sardonically ask "Is that how you sign your cheques?" Crazy to see Frank hanging out and chilling in public like a regular human, by the way. You can watch the rest of the premiere footage below.

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