A Petition Has Been Set Up to Get Kitchen’s Floor Some Clean Sheets

One of the dankest album covers of all time has inspired a call for new pillow cases and linen.
March 19, 2017, 11:53pm

'Grim' is the only word for it. Possibly, 'unhygienic'. A guy, looking away from camera, sits on a bed in a dimly lit room. The mattress is filthy. There's no sign of a sheet. There's no pillow cover either and it looks dangerous to put your head anywhere near the bed. A book lies behind him. Maybe Camus or Celine? No doubt the pages are stained with red wine or beer.

The guy is Matt Kennedy, from Brisbane band Kitchen's Floor, and the bedroom is in the infamous 116, a dilapidated 'Queenslander', the setting for many of the band's videos, and Kennedy's home for many years.


Shot by Sarah Werkmeister, the photo featured on the cover of Kitchen's Floor's second album Look Forward to Nothing. Released in October 2011, the record was a follow up to Kennedy's lauded debut Loneliness Is a Dirty Mattress and continued his grim but brutally honest outlook towards music and life.

Now an online petition has been set up to get Kennedy some clean sheets for that gross looking bed. Set up by Kennedy's friend Jimi Kritzler, former guitarist in Slug Guts and author of Noise In My Head Noise in My Head: Voices From An Ugly Australian Undergroundthe Change.org  petition that is directed to homeware company Bed Bath N Table calls for two things:

  • Let's get Kitchens Floor some basic bed linen
  • Kitchens Floor to receive lifetime of free bed sheets from Bed Bath N' Table or Bed Bath and Beyond or just bloody K Mart..We aren't fussy just get the cunt a doona cover.

So far the petition has 25 supporters with a target of 100. For Matt's sake we really hope the target is reached.

Image: Sarah Werkmeister