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An Audio Tour of Christopher Bissonnette's Icy Mansion

The Kranky artist curates an immersive journey through a crystalline 3-D wonderland.

Welcome to THUMP's Labels in Residency series, where an esteemed record label takes over our decks, showering DJ mixes on you like manna from heaven. Crank the foam machine, lower the disco ball, and check back here often—there'll be a different party every two weeks. Now up: the ambient and experimental trailblazers, Kranky.

If you ever find yourself screaming "Turn up for what!" you'll enjoy this new mix from Kranky artist Christopher Bissonette. In the tradition of Kranky catalog favorites like Stars of the Lid and Labradford, Chris crafts dramatic atmospheres for you to walk or lay around in. This mix is layer upon layer of crystalline backdrop and big reverb—like walking through room after room in a mansion made out of ice and waterfalls and tears. I'm listening to it in headphones right now and half expecting a beautiful elf to crawl out from under my desk and offer me magical gumdrops.

Bissonnette's background is in video and multimedia, and you can tell—whether on solo albums like Periphery or In Between Words or this mix, his work is not just atmospheric but actually capable of conjuring visuals and textures. Must be a Windsor, Canada thing (ahem, Hawtin). So next time you need to cleanse your brain or tap into your third eye, throw on this immersive environment—plus, look out for his next album, Essays in Idleness, out April 7.

For more drone/ambient/shoegaze goodness, visit Kranky here.

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