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If Your Favorite DJs Were Strains of Weed

A-Trak, Diplo and Jamie Jones as that sticky icky.
April 20, 2014, 5:00pm

Electronic music and cannabis have always had somewhat of an interesting love affair. While genres like rock and hip-hop have flaunted their affinity for Mary Jane through in-your-face anthems like "Smoke Two Joints," "Hits From The Bong" and of course Afroman's magnum opus "Because I Got High"—dance music's love for the sweet greenery has always been more of a covert happening. Still, one can't deny the blissful experience of listening to electronic beats while lifted. The combination often leads to fireworks going of in the cranium.


On the eve of the stoner community's most important day of the year, 4/20 we decided to address the real conversation at large—what DJ corresponds to which strain of MJ? We've enlisted the genius research work of one of the most weeducational websites on Earth—Leafly—which is like Discogs for weed. Get out your notebooks, and lighters.


The first time I heard of Sour Diesel four years ago, I was told it is the most popular strain in New York City. Since moving to the big city in 2007, so is A-Trak.

The skillful DJ, who's been scratch king since he won the DMC World DJ Championship 17 years ago at age 15, dropped his most recent number one album with Duck Sauce partner Armand Van Helden last week because like any good strain, A-trak gets even better with friends. Just take his label, Fool's Gold, which he started with Nick Catchdubs in 2007 and has since released a steady stream of uplifting musical vibes or early partnerships with Kanye West. The two helped form each other. According to, Sour Diesel is "extremely euphoric throughout in higher amounts, also made me very hyper and wanting to move even when I was laying down." Such is the A-Trak experience.

On the negative side, the worst side effect of the Sour D is dry mouth, and we all know what happens dancing all night at an A-Trak show. [L.S.]


Let me take you through this one with me: At this point in the weed-smoking zeitgeist, Pineapple Kush is synonymous with stoner comedy Pineapple Express. From that unforgettable movie trailer, M.I.A's "Paper Planes" is synonymous with the movie, and who produced that weed anthem, but Diplo himself. If so fact-o, Diplo is Pineapple Kush.

But it's more than just a Rogan-Franco classic that brings this strain and producer together. Like Pineapple Kush's subtly sweet taste with hidden mint undertones, Diplo's work leads listeners in one mainstream dance direction, while slyly sneaking in and introducing dancehall and K-pop to unsuspecting listeners. It's a combination that can also be described as "cerebral, with a light body sensation."

Pineapple Kush is also highest on the euphoric and happy scale and this is exactly what happens when twerking to Major Lazer live. Even Seth Rogan and James Franco know that. [L.S.]


Masked trap sensation and G13 share a few things in common, most notably the fact that they are both shrouded in a thick (smoking) cloud of mystery. If you didn't already know, G13 is one the strongest strain of cannabis indica (allegedly) in existence. and according to legend was created by the CIA and FBI during a secret lab experiment at the University of Mississippi during the late 1960s. Other wives tales claim that G13 was brought to Earth by extraterrestrials during the infamous Roswell UFO landing of 1947.

UZ is similar in the fact that nobody really knows exactly how he came to existence, what his true identity is, or if he is even from this planet. His productions mesh perfectly with the heavy, all-encompassing nature of the infamous G13, and are guaranteed to create feelings of  overall euphoria and make you dance in strange ways.

Side effects of G13 and UZ both can lead to extended periods of dry mouth, probably from screaming "TURN UP" too much, as well as some cotton eyes, mostly due to staring in awe at his ballin' gold-plated mask. [D.G.]


Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones and Maui Waui are a match made in heaven. Jamie is internationally known for being the ultimate pusher of tropical, uplifting and energetic house sounds and if you take a look at Maui Waui's delicious attributes you will see that the two are literally—best buds.

Whether it's his world renowned DJ sets, or collaborative work with his live-band Hot Natured, Jamie always keeps it locked with a sunny vibes and a happy groove and just when you think the fun might be over, he puts another ear-to-ear smile on our face. Maui Waui is the same way.

 The buzz is long-lasting and is known for it's periods of creative euphoria, oftens igniting thoughts of grandeur and subtle genius in your brain piece. Something tells us Jamie and Maui have spent some long days and breezy nights in the studio, maybe he's reading this and just found the new title for his next house anthem? [D.G.]


Don't let Detroit techno legend Moodyman's moniker confuse you. While his productions are often deep and meloncholy, they always pack a warm and sultry groove. The iconic DJ, famed for his Black Mahogani albums often uses his productions to tell tales of heartbreak and the endless search for that special someone. Tracks like "I'm Doing Fine" are classic tales of "getting back on the horse" after some saucy seductress has just ripped out your heart and threw it in Lake Michigan.

What's the best way to overcome a tough breakup? No, not Xanax. But rather a delicious joint of Blue Dream. Gaze down at the brilliant Leafly analysis and you will see that the strain is perfect for treating feelings of depression, insomnia and pain—all common feelings after a nasty romantic seperation, and all themes in  Moodyman's soul-soaked productions. Throw on a classic vinyl from the Detriot techno hero and you will quickly witness a symbiosis taking place. And you might even think that everything smells like blueberrys. Good luck. [D.G.]


Maple Leaf Indica is almost too perfect for Canadian producer, dog lover and leader of the cozy, Ry Ry Hemsworth. The strain is most notable for it's aphrodisiac effects—ideal for sitting down with a fresh new Hemsworth mix and your preferred cuddle buddy. It's all about the body buzz here, like Ryan's light and tingling mixes.

Sometimes it's crazy to think how music—just a random mix of vibrations—can penetrate the soul. The same goes for this green leafy plant's effects on the mind and body. Like, how?

But let's stop worrying ourselves with the deeper meanings of life and fall into a deep sleep to Ryan's EP Still Awake or get simultaneously euphoric and relaxed with a fat blunt and RYANPACKv.1. Also, Maple Leaf Indica is mostly used medicinally to combat nausea, so enjoy all the gooey munchies your tummy can handle. [L.S.]


I recently started using a new dealer. It's a delivery service that comes to my apartment—they won't even deliver to street corners or bars—and arranges a choice of at least 10 strains for me to choose from. God bless weed deliverymen. The first time they came to my house I was mostly overwhelmed, so I jut went with Cotton Candy because I love candy. Seemed like a win-win.

Turns out it was sweet, peachy and citrusy just like my favorite DJ of the moment, Sophie. The British producer's only released three songs, but they're each of the electronic bleepy-bloop meets tween bubble-gum (or should I say cotton candy?) sticky, almost sickly sweet variety. It's a euphoric, freeing sound just like how Cotton Candy Kush tastes. Even his album art looks like it belongs in a theme park.

In "Bipp" the voice sings "I can make you feel better." Just look at Cotton Candy's medical properties, it'll make sure you feel better too. [L.S.]

Believe it or not, Lauren and David weren't stoned when they wrote this. @DLGarber + @laurschwar

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