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Obama Spent His First Few Days as a Former President Kitesurfing

Watch the former president enjoy not being president anymore in a new video from his vacation with billionaire Richard Branson.
February 7, 2017, 5:15pm

After the inauguration, Barack and Michelle Obama took a much-needed vacation, first to Palm Springs and then over to the British Virgin Islands, where they kicked back for ten days on Necker, the private island belonging to billionaire Richard Branson.

The Obamas are at their new home in DC now, but on Tuesday, Branson released a video of their time together. Apparently, a backward-hat-sporting Obama spent the first few days after handing the keys to America off to Trump by learning to kiteboard, which seems infinitely better than frantically stressing over the state of our country (though he did have to pause his vacation for a minute to speak out against Trump's travel ban).

In Branson's video, he and Obama go head-to-head to see who can master their respective new watersports faster—kiteboarding for Obama, and foilboarding for Branson. Watch the former president enjoy not being president any longer, and almost definitely not worry about who's playing him on Saturday Night Live.