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Start Rolling Your Blunts: 'Planet Earth' Is Back for Round Two

It's on.

If 2016 feels like the end of the world—what with mass shootings, the death of David Bowie, and the presidential election—this "Planet Earth II" trailer might give you a little hope.

The "Planet Earth" series is a favorite among kids, stoners, and scientists alike. Sir David Attenborough, beloved British broadcaster and naturalist, will be narrating the documentary, so you can expect his velvet vocals to drown out your woes.


It's not clear yet when "Planet Earth II" will actually come out, but BBC said it's soon. It's also not clear yet whether the rumors are true that it will appear in UHD (ultrahigh definition).

The series' six new episodes will focus on different biomes, or Earth habitats, as well as on animals residing in urban environments. It took four years to film "Planet Earth II", which was shot in more than 64 countries. The audience can expect to get up close with the animals with aerial drones and new techniques to manage camera stabilization and remote recording.

The trailer already gives us a stunning sneak preview of tiny ants crawling out of sand, bats gliding through the dark, and monkeys leaping through the air. While humanity might be making a mess of the planet, the rest of its beauty has been vividly captured in "Planet Earth II".

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