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Creators Remix Roundup: The Horrors, Yuksek And Diplo

The Horrors remix Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary,” Villa reinterprets Yuksek and Wale works it with Diplo.

Our Creators are a talented and prolific bunch, and our inbox is always overflowing with alerts of new remixes and mashups from the incredible DJs and producers in our line-up. We just couldn't keep these fresh new tunes to ourselves because, after all, filesharing is caring. Here are our top picks from the past week.

Lady Gaga: “Bloody Mary” (The Horrors remix)

At summer camp in the Midwest we used to play this game called Bloody Mary where we’d go into a dark bathroom with lit candles and recite “Bloody Mary” three times. Whoever she was, she was supposed to appear and crack the mirror or murder us, I guess, according to this remix intro by British post-punk band The Horrors. They take Gaga’s chamber music-influenced ditty and add in some warbled Halloween-esque groans, thunder and grittier bass (we especially love the treatment on the last 45 seconds). Mother Monster actually brought on all indie bands to remix her latest album Born This Way. See the rest here.


Yuksek: “Always On The Run” (Villa remix)

Disco-leaning DJ duo Thang and Francois of Villa rework Yuksek‘s latest hit “Always On The Run” by kicking off with an instrumental breakdown. They bring in a symphonic sample of string instruments layered over a drum solo before the keys and effects come in to build out the track. The vocals are sung slowly, at a lullaby-like pace, totally in contrast with Yuksek’s energetic yearnings and performance stylings. See how Yuksek does it here.

Wale feat. Big Sean: “Slight Work” (prod. by Diplo)

The ex-football player and DC-raised rapper, Wale, and Big “Finally Famous” Sean collaborate on “Slight Work.” The track is basically rapped a cappella over Diplo’s usual bag of tricks: whoops, drum marches, police sirens and even what sounds like a xylophone. The usual banter about money, girls and avoiding 25 to life are ever-present, but there are a few clever rhyme schemes like rhyming “bra” with “dressing up for the fall.” In summation, the boys are right: “You gotta work it, slight work it.”


Michael Stipe directs two new videos for R.E.M.‘s “We All Go Back to Where We Belong” off their retrospective collection R.E.M. Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage, 1982-2011. This video features actress Kirsten Dunst sitting in front of the camera, smiling, flirting, reflecting and almost looking like she’s going to tear up. Poet/performance artist John Giorno’s version is here.

DJ Soulscape‘s The Sound Of Seoul Mixtape channels the lost archives of Korea’s past, specifically the 60s and 70s.