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Older Than Old School

8-bit woodwork takes it way back.
September 23, 2010, 2:24pm

We’re fond of the odd pixelated animation here at The Creators Project, often involving some of the icons of the gaming world, but we’ve never seen anything quite as low-tech as these. Video game enthusiast Jeff Swenty has combined his two geeky passions to create wooden pixel pieces, effectively uniting the disparate arts of computer graphics and woodwork. (We’re like, Finally!) The process of turning his favorite 8-bit games into reliefs on his office wall at a games developer involves cutting up many blocks of wood, which he then stains, glues together in the appropriate form, and seals. Should you wish hang them on the walls of your flat you can purchase them by contacting him at

Space Invaders on the wall by the exit, where else?

The one and only Mario with raccoon ears and tail.

Mega Man vs. Cut Man

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