Wiley Appears To Confirm He Will be Performing at Glastonbury 2017

RIP "Fuck them and their farm".
January 30, 2017, 11:56am

Unless he's just planning on having a large one at the end of June, it looks as though Wiley has confirmed he'll be performing at this year's Glastonbury Festival. Despite his tumultuous history with the event (aka the time he was booked to play, arrived, lost his shit because it was raining, and asked to be thrown off the bill before eventually leaving, all of which lead to a god-level series of tweets), Wiley has since tweeted that he has "realised the importance of the festival" as he has got older, and will be in attendance this summer, joining that group of girls you knew from college and your mate's hippie parents. And though he hasn't explicitly confirmed that he will be appearing as a performing artist, from his tweets it seems like a pretty done deal for the Godfather of Grime, who released his eleventh, and potentially final, album The Godfather earlier this month.  See for yourself below, and get excited to hear the Nando's line from "You Were Always Pt II" in the mud:

(Image via YouTube)