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Hear BELL the Band's Soft, Folksy Debut EP

It's got everything you want: nostalgia, reflection, and a little hope.

Caitlin Marie Bell is a rambler. She was raised in Georgia, attended Oberlin, then headed to the West Coast to try out life in Seattle. When that stopped working for her, she made her way back to the East Coast and landed in New York City, where she started BELL the Band, a rough and tumble Americana group whose self-titled EP we're premiering today.

"Our debut EP is a collection of five songs that are meaningful to us and feel lay the foundation for who we are as a band,"  Bell said over email. "It pulls on feelings of nostalgia, reflection and contemplation and celebrates the relationship between hope and hopelessness, confusion and understanding, love and hate, togetherness and solitude."

Have a listen, top off your glass of whiskey, and hug a friend. The EP is out tomorrow.