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Sleep Like a Bitcoin Bo$$ in One of These $48,000 Beds

Which bed did Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles buy for $48,000?
Rachel Pick
New York, US
Image: via Apartment Therapy (original product link is down)

Accused Bitcoin embezzler and general sneaky weasel Mark Karpeles appears to have spent most of his ill-gotten gains on software rights, but he also reportedly spent $48,000 on a bed. This led us at Motherboard to wonder: what the hell kind of bed costs that much money?

A cursory internet search turns up a few candidates. One is designer Karim Rashid's Sphere Bed, which includes a TV and "champagne holder," so it's good for both sexy fun times and watching Law & Order until your eyes bleed.


There's also the Monarch Vi-Spring bed, which has 3,000 springs and is reportedly owned by none other than David Beckham.


Twitter user @mikebmott suggested the Hastens Vividus Mattress, which is handcrafted and stuffed with a mix of horsehair and other materials. It even has a personalized brass plaque signed by its maker.

Or perhaps it was a Savoir mattress, stuffed with actual cashmere (but according to the New York Times, surprisingly not very comfortable.)

However, all of these beds cost about $50,000, which is slightly more than Karpeles reportedly paid. Only one bed appears to have the near-exact price tag of $48,000: an operating room bed stolen from a Florida hospital back in July. Was the thief acting on Karpeles's orders, perhaps?

Whatever bed it was, let's hope it was worth it, because Karpeles probably won't be resting easy for a while. Now, who else feels like taking a nap?