Watch This Remake of the 'Pokémon Intro' Someone Made in 'GTA V'


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Watch This Remake of the 'Pokémon Intro' Someone Made in 'GTA V'

Same story as the cartoon, except in this version everyone has rocket launchers.

Video games are rarely about "points" anymore—instead, they're about experiences. And that includes pulling off a heist, bailing out of a helicopter, or, in the case of one YouTuber, creating a shot-for-shot remake of the intro of Pokémon.

The video, which uses slightly altered GTA V characters to recreate the cartoon's opening, is one of more than a dozen spoofs of classic television intros that the user Merfish has made. His "greatest hits" also include GTA V remakes of the intros to Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Family Matters, which, like all mix innocent childhood nostalgia with cartoonish videogame violence. Since there's no way to make people fly in GTA, for example, any shot in the video with a flying Pokémon is achieved by blowing people up and watching their lifeless bodies careen through the air.

That being said, if it weren't for the people dying left and right and the fact that Pikachu is played by a disturbingly shirtless man who's been stained yellow, then this would actually be a pretty convincing remake. Merfish also did a side-by-side video with the original to show just how close he got it.

Word to the wise, though: if you're going to watch it, try not to stare too intently at Ash's lifeless eyes as he burns to death. It could ruin you.