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From E-Saggila to Lydia Ainsworth, Here's the Best Canadian Tracks of the Week

Our new column Group of Seven rounds up the under-the-radar releases we can't get enough of.

Between your 9-5 job, cooking meals, and running daily errands, hunting down good music is probably the last thing on your mind once Friday rolls around. Luckily for you, we've got you covered here at THUMP Canada. Our new column, Group of Seven (named after these folks), is a weekly playlist compiling the freshest electronic tracks from British Columbia to Nova Scotia so that you don't have to.

For the first installment, we've got under-the-radar selections from Montreal contemporary electro duo Solitary Dancer, Toronto industrial techno producer E-Saggila, Vancouver hardware electronic newcomers Minimal Violence, and more. Read below to check out our picks and let us know in the comments what we've missed.


1. Benjamin Muñoz - "Melle"

On "Melle," the Hamilton, Ontario-based producer forges an eclectic intersection of 8-bit nostalgia with hints of UK garage-inspired shuffle underpinning the track's rhythm section. Driven by the lush chording of Muñoz's keys, textural foley, and intermittent vocal samples, the track boasts the kind of quirky dynamics that makes it feel like an animated caricature.

2. Beta Frontiers feat. Carmen Elle - "If I Stayed"

Toronto producer Beta Frontiers returns from a self-imposed hiatus with a trap-pop anthem featuring vocals from DIANA lead singer Carmen Elle. Heavy and hard-hitting subs frame the latter's vulnerable lyrics, which will feel relatable to anybody Tinder swiping at home on a Friday night.

3. E-Saggila - "Bronze Eyelids"

E-Saggila is the solo project of Toronto producer Rita Mikhael, who co-runs Summer Isle Records, and has put out releases on Opal Tapes, BANK Records NYC, and more. Taken from her forthcoming EP on the latter, "Bronze Eyelids" is an industrial take on contemporary techno, with a churning pulse and evolving analog sputters.

4. Lydia Ainsworth - "Into the Blue"

As an architect of experimental pop, the classically-trained artist's music is compositionally complex, yet accessible and irresistibly catchy. Despite the track's chilling melancholic overtones, a pulsating bass synth gives it a radio-friendly sense of progression.

5. Rhoda & Lion Detective Club - "In Evergreen"

Toronto producer Rhoda pairs with vocalist Lion Detective Club to channel their alternative roots for the frostbitten introspection of "In Evergreen." Sparse and emotive, this ambient track takes wistful minimalism and turns it into something sincere.


6. Solitary Dancer feat. Marie Davidson - "Emails 2 Myself"

For the lead single off their sophomore EP, Dualism (out April 10 via San Francisco-based Dark Entries), Montreal duo Solitary Dancer teams up with producer and musician Marie Davidson to make dark electro with a pop sheen. The track's fractured 707s combine melancholic strings with the harmonizing octaves of the Essaie Pas member's vocals.

7. Space Dimension Controller - "SDC (Minimal Violence Remix)"

Vancouver duo Minimal Violence collides tribal drumming and thunderous techno for their pounding remix of UK producer Space Dimension Controller's "SDC." As functional as it is feral, keep this untamed track in mind for your pre-game playlist.

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