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Mini-Mirages Emerge in an Augmented Reality Art Exhibition

Adrien M and Claire B’s latest series of installations basically looks like Harry Potter magic come to life.
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Even in its early beta stages, the new live exhibition from digital artists Adrien M and Claire B will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Throughout their Mirages & Miracles display, the artist duo uses wondrous applications of augmented reality to create an orchestra of new installations, both small and large. Much like their live dance performance work at BAM, the new bundle merges the digital with the material, blurring the lines between what is real and what is fake. The multi-pronged ensemble uses augmented drawings, holographic illusions, virtual-reality headsets, and large-scale projections to create a number of unbelievable scenarios "that take root in both the mirage and the miracle," according to the duo.


Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne have become accustomed to showing their work to large theater audiences. For the Mirages and Miracles project, they decided to transpose this experience and create a performance for a single spectator. Utilizing HTC VIVE headsets, iPads, the Pepper's Ghost trick, amongst other various illusion techniques, viewers experience the exhibition space and the visual magic trick embedded in each piece. The handheld devices sort of work like 3D glasses; when you look through their lenses static flat images come into motion. The hope is that this new format creates this, "continuous feeling of an imaginary digital world tightly building upon our real world," write the artists. The project remains a work in progress and will be completed in Autumn of this year. Check out some more images from the show below:

Learn more about Adrien M and Claire B's Mirages & Miracles project on their website


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