Max Cooper Gives a Sharper, Darker Edge to Christian Löffler's "Vind" in New Remix

It's a returning of the favor after Löffler remixed the Irish producer earlier this year.
April 7, 2017, 4:20pm
Photo via Max Cooper's website.

After recruiting German producer Christian Löffler for his Emergence remix album earlier this year, Irishman Max Cooper is returning the favor by putting his touch on Löffler's own "Vind." Cooper excels at creating rough, crunchy textures that ripple over the original's melodic undertow. What results is a darker, sharper-edged take on an already gloomy track.

Both artists seem to share a brooding, painstakingly intricate approach to making music; it's a commonality they discovered when they met at Mexico City's Mutek Festival back in 2014, Löffler tells THUMP.

"I love Christian's work so I was totally into the idea of swapping remixes for our albums," Cooper adds. "The only problem was that when I listened to his album I found a lot of ideas that grabbed me. So I asked for stems for three different tracks, and started with some experiments to see which might lend itself best to a remix, which turned into two finished pieces in the end. The first was a remix of 'Vind,' which I started by layering Prophet chords over Christian's riff and chopping up the vocals into fast repeating units. I wanted to focus in on the harmonies and leave it at that, just creating progression with an ever increasing opening and layering of the elements."

Listen to Cooper's "Vind" remix below ahead of its release on April 14.

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