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Need 3 Minutes of Insanity Today? Watch Tyler Naugle's "Neurocircuit" Shorts

The world through 8-bit glasses is hilarious and graphically morbid.
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A fiery-haired man with a mustache sits at the bar, stabbing a knife around his hands in a showy parlor trick. A soldier draws out his weapon of choice to reveal a simple drawing of a cat. Soon after, his face is comically shattered by a bullet from afar. The over-the-top animation titled Neurocircuit is the brainchild of Tyler Naugle, a Cleveland-born animator and illustrator. His short video is full of cartoon characters who are always one move shy of escaping a violent end.


In one bait-and-switch scene, a man at the guillotine cheerfully catches an apple in his mouth. Moments later, he's rotating as rotisserie over an open flame. These are some of the humorous yet depraved vignettes Naugle splices together in under four minutes. Throughout the short are references to 8-bit video game design and short circuits in the world of electricity. A quivering, Age-of-Technology score comes from GobSmacked and Cadrean. Take in the whole disjointed, animated spectacle below:

Explore more of Tyler Naugle's animation work on his Vimeo page, here, and his professional website, here.


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