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Ian Ferguson Re-Imagines Brooklyn as a Gothic Fairy Tale

Intricate black-and-white prints depict line-drawn people in opposing settings.
Images courtesy the artist

From the concrete jungle to lush tropical forests, Brooklyn-based artist Ian Ferguson's bold black-and-white illustrations draw viewers as much into the environment as to his quirky, Victorian-looking characters. He's an alumnus of the Art Institute of California San Diego, where he got a B.S. in graphic design, but considers his current skill set to have been self-taught. "I make most of my work from my head, from my imagination," Ferguson tells Creators. Working a job as a silk screen printer for a wallpaper company by day, the artist creates his own incredibly detailed worlds on his own time, publishing them all under the moniker Hydeon. The level of detail that goes into his ink on paper works, murals, and prints is simply incredible.


Ferguson recently installed his work at 4 World Trade Center and a mural in the East Village. He has three shows upcoming in NYC next month, as well as his first international show at a gallery in Brazil.

Check out his work below:

See more of Ian Ferguson's work on his website.


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