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Happy Friday the 13th: Flight 666 Just Flew to the Gates of HEL

Finnair flight AY666 took the left-hand path to Helsinki airport Friday afternoon. Hail Satan.
Image via Flickr users BriYYZ and Stephen Dann

Finnair flight AY666 took off from Copenhagen and landed in HEL (Helsinki Airport) on Friday afternoon, making it the most metal flight ever to grace the skies since that dude spent 11 hours on an airplane covered in blood.

And Friday, of course, is January 13, which—besides being the anniversary of a very different and significantly more heroic airplane story—is Satan's birthday, since Beelzebub obviously exists in a different temporal plane and has birthdays a few times a year or whatever. According to the Daily Mail, the Finnair jet also happens to be 13 years old.

Finland, where the flight landed, doesn't have the kind of renowned black-metal history like its neighbors over in Norway, but even Obama knows that the country's metal scene is huge.

Did Flight 666 play Beherit over the in-flight speakers for the entire hour-and-a-half flight? Was it escorted to the gates of HEL by a swarm of demonic flies? Who were the lucky passengers to be seated in row 13?

Put on the song "Hate" by Finnish metal band Impaled Nazarene and marvel at all the endless joke possibilities. Happy Friday the 13th, everybody.