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This $459 ‘Gun’ Will Let You Blast Your Friends in the Face with Champagne

We reached out to the man who is distributing the Champagne Gun in the US to get the whole story. Is the gun simply a flash waste of Champagne, or does it deserve a place in the pantheon of Bacchanalia?
All Photos courtesy of Champagne Gun.

It was only a matter of time. The Champagne Gun has been invented and you can probably already find it in a club near you. The gun, which sprays magnums of bubbly onto anticipating partiers, is the latest thing in VIP sections from South Beach to Malibu. Created by a French company called Extra-Night, it comes in an array of colors—from platinum to gold—and costs $459.

We just had to learn more, so we reached out to the man distributing the Champagne Gun in the US to get the whole story. Is the gun simply a flash waste of Champagne, or does it deserve a place in the pantheon of Bacchanalia?


MUNCHIES: How did you first hear about the Champagne Gun and become its official distributor?

Jeremy Touitou: One of my best friends works in the alcohol business in France. He put me in touch with the guys who invented the Champagne Gun because he felt I would be a good fit to distribute them. I work in the nightlife industry and supply nightclubs all around the country. I reached out to the guys at Extra-Night and it was decided that I would become the official distributor.


So, I heard you were affectionately called the Sparkler King. How did that come about? I started my company about five years ago as a side business and I became known around town as the Sparkler King because we only were selling sparklers to nightclubs. We eventually branched out to other products clubs want, like LED lights.

What has the reception of the Champagne Gun been like for you? It seems to have just blown up overnight. We started to commercialize the Champagne Gun just ten days ago and the response has been insane. We are already almost sold out from the first shipment of around 300 to 400 Champagne Guns. I thought it would sell pretty well because clubs are always looking for the next big novelty they can use to sell magnums of Champagne, but I never expected it to do this well.


What's it like for the nightlife scene in Miami? I'd imagine there are tons of Champagne Guns being sold to the clubs in South Beach and Wynwood. It's been amazing. Because it's Miami Music Week, we have all the rappers and musicians having their managers try and get the Champagne Gun to use in their next video or whatever. It's been crazy so far.

Have you received any negative feedback from sommeliers or professionals in the Champagne industry? Not only have we not gotten any negative responses from the Champagne world, [we've even had] some Champagne houses approaching us to become a distributor. That's probably because the Champagne Gun isn't just for Champagne showers; it has more than one use. First of all, it's a beautiful product—for me, I'd call it a piece of art. It comes in three different colors and could be just a nice display for a bottle of Champagne. Each gun comes with two nozzles, so you can just use the Champagne Gun to pour Champagne in a unique and original way for your guests and clients if you wanted. You can use it as a centerpiece for a bar. Of course, all the big pool parties in Miami and Las Vegas do Champagne showers and the Champagne Gun is a great tool for doing that in style.


Are you a big Champagne drinker yourself? I drink Champagne occasionally, but just at events or a wedding. I'm French, so I'm a wine and vodka person, myself.

Thanks for speaking with us, Jeremy.