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This 'Border Wall Pizza' Is Divided By Breadsticks

Although the pizzas were practically poised to spark controversy in heavily Republican West Texas, Peace of Pizza was somewhat surprised by the response.

Just in case you thought a few sacred things might be immune from the culture war, we regret to inform you that there is now a border wall pizza.

Peace of Pizza, a Midland, Texas pizza truck, rolled out the pizza featuring a bread stick border wall last week, inspired by Donald Trump and his dreams of a big, beautiful barrier to Mexico.

"Half is a Mexican taco pizza, separated by a white bread border, other half is a chicken cheetos pizza (Cheetos inspired by Trumps skin tone)!" the description on Peace of Pizza's Facebook reads. "The All bread border was hand placed by Raul. Raul is a honest hardworking Mexican American. He is torn on which side of the pizza he likes better…..when asked he simply said, 'I'm on the fence.'"


Unsurprisingly, there was a quick and fierce backlash online. On the local news station News West 9's Facebook page, which posted a story about the pizza, commenters went at it.

"So dumb!! Grow up!!! Really make a pizza like that just to keep drama going that what's wrong with so many people now days they like drama!!!" one person wrote.

"I avoid businesses such as this one who want to play politics with merchandise and food that I am paying for," wrote another. "You are welcome to vote for who you want I didn't vote for Obama but I also didn't rush out to buy a nasty looking pizza to make a point!"

Although the pizzas were practically poised to spark a fire in heavily Republican West Texas, Peace of Pizza was somewhat surprised by the response.

"I honestly thought this was completely inoffensive. We checked with so many people, even pastors and local GOP heads, all of which thought it was funny and quite witty," Rob Jenkins, the owner of Peace of Pizza, told MUNCHIES.

Jenkins is no stranger to food truck controversy. Back in 2015, following the Charleston church shooting, Jenkins' other food truck, PoBoy's & Rich Chic's, offered free food in exchange for Confederate flags, which PoBoy's said they would burn. Some Texans didn't take kindly to the idea, and threatened to light Jenkins' truck on fire. Jenkins changed the policy and said that the flags would be donated to a Dallas museum, but a month later PoBoy's and Rich Chic's was torched by arsonists.


"We specifically did not want the same type of backlash," Jenkins told MUNCHIES. "However, it seems that's exactly what we are getting. Both times our business has exploded in sales!"

He added: "I mean, this time at least I don't feel my life in danger or anything like that."

Some people do seem to find the pizza funny, though, and Jenkins created another pizza to skewer the other side of the political spectrum. The Democratic Socialist Pizza is "cut so many times that everyone can get a slice."

Jenkins told News West 9 that he'll keep making the pizza for as long as there's demand, perhaps for the duration of Trump's term. Just about a month in, the border wall pizza marks at least the third Trump pizza. Who knows what the next four years will bring in Trump-inspired food? We live in truly fascinating times.