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Red Wine Stains Are a Thing of the Past with This Wine-Repellent Shirt

Never again fear the red wine stain.
Foto mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Labfresh

Wearing a white shirt and drinking red wine? We all know how that one is going to go. But thanks to a new invention, those Merlot marks and Syrah stains could be a thing of the past.

No, we're not talking about a plastic poncho.

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Labfresh, an Amsterdam-based start-up, has created a cotton shirt that claims to be stain and smell-repellent. They say that the shirt uses patented technology to block fluids and bacteria from entering the fabric, making substances easy to rinse off with water.


Among the food and drink items trialled on the shirt, Labfresh says ketchup, Sriracha sauce, red wine, and olive oil all pass the test.

But you clumsy eaters and messy drinkers can't rest easy just yet.

Labfresh only launched the Kickstarter campaign to put the shirt into full production earlier this week. However, after just two days, they managed to smash their fundraising target.

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And there could be more to come in the range. Speaking to MUNCHIES, co-founder Kasper Brandi Petersen said that the company had plans to expand to a full line of anti-stain clothes. He explained: "If we can 'fix' shirts we can also fix easier items like socks and t-shirts. The ambition is to have a full collection of smart textiles, but for now we are focusing on creating a perfect flawless shirt that all our backers will love dearly."

In the meantime, stick to white wine.