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Kurdistan's Hottest New Restaurant Is... 'Trump Fish'

If you’ve found yourself craving something oily and disgusting, look no further that this new carp-centric restaurant in Duhok!
Image via Twitter

If you've found yourself craving something oily and disgusting, then look no further than Kurdistan's hottest new restaurant!

According to the Duhok Post, something called Trump Fish has just opened in Duhok, the capital city in the northernmost province of Iraq.

It's official! New restaurant in #Duhok @realDonaldTrump

— Duhok Post (@Duhokpost) December 5, 2016

The main item—if not only item—on Trump Fish's menu is carp, a greasy bottom-feeder that some people seem to like even though it can attract potentially dangerous parasites. (Any similarities between the carp and our president-elect are a complete coincidence, obviously).


The restaurant has no connection with Trump itself, beyond their totally bootleg use of his name and likeness. As Atlas Obscura notes, Trump Fish's logo was, um, "borrowed" from an Uproxx post that imagined what each NFL team's logo would look like if it were Trumpified. Trump Fish went for the redesigned San Diego Chargers logo, complete with a yellow lightning bolt pelt, even though a Trumped Up Miami Dolphin would've been the more obvious choice.

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The text on Trump Fish's signage purportedly says that a giant carp costs 12,500 Iraqi Dinars, which is about $10.50.

The geographical and cultural region known as Kurdistan includes parts of Turkey, Syria, and Iran, but Duhok is squarely in northern Iraq. That's an important distinction for a number of reasons, including culinary ones: A particular style of seasoned and wood-grilled carp called masgûf is considered to be Iraq's national dish. (If you're a frequent No Reservations viewer, you might remember Anthony Bourdain eating masgûf in Kurdistan during a 2011 episode).

Although carp is popular in Iraqi Kurdistan, most of the fish in Duhok is imported from other regions of the country. Rudaw, a Kurdish media network, reports that only 10 percent of the fish consumed in Kurdistan is actually produced or caught there, and carp fishing is not permitted year-round.

But Trump Fish, though—Trump Fish could be forever.