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Future Remakes Both 'Tron' and 'Kill Bill' at the Same Damn Time in "Draco" Video

Wild how Future just revolutionized cinema.

We all know Future's a visionary, but who knew he was ready to go this hard in the movie world? The video for  Future highlight "Draco" is a cross-genre masterpiece, praise Future Tarantino (no disrespect to 808 Mafia producer and "March Madness" architect Tarentino). The clip begins with a group of kids playing arcade games before we cut to what's probably inside the game as Future recruits a team of assassins reminiscent of Kill Bill's Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. This gritty reboot of Tron is… alright?


There's also a tense scene where Future answers calls in a phone booth (in 2017?) that recalls the classic 2002 thriller Phone Booth, starring Colin Farrell and Katie Holmes. Cinematic curation genius. You can watch the "Draco" video below.

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