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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Schumer threatens to block FBI appointment, ransomware attack gaining steam, federal appeals court to hear Trump travel ban case, and more.

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US News

Schumer Threatens to Block FBI Appointment
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned Democrats may not vote to confirm a new FBI director until a special counsel or independent investigator is commissioned to examine the Trump campaign's ties to Russia. Schumer also said President Trump should give Congress any recorded conversations with former FBI Director James Comey after the president hinted about the existence of "tapes."—CNN
Ransomware Attack Gaining Steam
Computer experts have warned the global ransomware attack "WannaCry" is set to spread Monday after two new variations of the malware on Microsoft systems were detected. The cyber attack has hit roughly 200,000 computers in 150 countries so far. Microsoft blamed the government for "stockpiling" vulnerabilities in computer code believed to have been leaked from the NSA by unknown hackers.—NBC News / CBS News
Federal Appeals Court to Hear Trump Travel Ban Case
The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will listen to arguments Monday on President Trump's revised travel ban. The Court blocked Trump's first attempted ban, and now a fresh three-judge panel will help determine the constitutionality of his executive order suspending visas from six Muslim-majority countries. Trump has described previous decisions by the Ninth Circuit as "ridiculous."— Chicago Tribune
Tennessee Man Dies After Live-Streaming Self-Immolation
A 33-year-old man streamed the act of setting himself on fire on Facebook Live. Jared McLemore died from burn injuries after dousing himself in kerosene and setting himself alight in a parking lot outside Murphy's bar in Memphis, Tennessee. An ex-girlfriend who worked at the bar reportedly said McLemore did it so "she could see the horror for herself."—VICE

International News

North Korea Claims Tested Missile Can Carry Nuclear Warhead
North Korea claimed it carried out a successful test Sunday of a missile capable of carrying a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead." According to state news, the missile reached an altitude of 1,3,12 miles before landing in the sea near Russia. US monitoring group 38 North described the apparent results of the test as a "substantial advance."—Reuters
Angela Merkel's Party Wins Regional Election in Germany
Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party won an election in Germany's most densely populated state, North Rhine-Westphalia, taking 33 percent of the vote. The Social Democrats took 31.2 percent, dampening its hopes of mounting a challenge to the governing CDU during national elections in September.—AP
Cholera Outbreak Prompts State of Emergency in Yemen
The International Committee of the Red Cross has warned of another "serious outbreak" of cholera in war-torn Yemen, with the number of suspected cases tripling to more than 8,500 in the last week alone. Dozens have reportedly died of the infectious disease in Sanaa, the capital, where a state of emergency was declared.—BBC News
Hong Kong Denies Asylum to Four Snowden Accomplices
Hong Kong rejected the asylum claims of four people who briefly provided US whistleblower Edward Snowden with somewhere to stay. The four—a Sri Lankan couple, a Sri Lankan man, and a Filipino woman—housed Snowden in their homes over a period of two weeks in 2013. A lawyer for the group said they now face the risk of deportation.—South China Morning Post

Everything Else

Travis Scott Arrested for Allegedly Inciting a Riot
Travis Scott was arrested for allegedly inciting a riot at the end of his Rogers, Arkansas, show Saturday night. Police also charged him with disorderly conduct and endangering the welfare of a minor before he was released without bond.—XXL/TMZ
'King Arthur' Crashes at the Box Office
Fantasy epic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has bombed at the US box office, taking in only $14.7 million despite a mammoth budget of $175 million. The movie now faces potential losses of at least $100 million.—The Hollywood Reporter

Actor Powers Boothe Dies at 68
Powers Boothe—known for his roles in Deadwood, The Avengers, and Sin City—has died of natural causes at the age of 68. Beau Bridges paid tribute to his "dear friend," whom he called a "great actor."—AP

Lyft and Waymo Team Up on Driverless Cars
Lyft will collaborate with the self-driving car operation Waymo on autonomous car pilot projects. Waymo, owned by Google's parent company, said the deal with Lyft would help the technology "reach more people, in more places."—The New York Times

Mogwai Release New Track, Album Details
Post-rock group Mogwai have announced details of their first album in three years, entitled Every Country's Sun. The Scottish band also shared "Coolverine," one of 11 songs on the LP out September 1.—Noisey

Ultra Miami and Ultra Europe Wage Legal Battle
The Croatian promoters of the Ultra Europe festival have filed a lawsuit against the organizers of Miami's Ultra Music Festival. The Europeans claim the Miami company does not own the Ultra trademark in Croatia and has made "outrageous demands."—Thump