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Spike Your Spring Salad with CBD and Listen to the Birds Singing

Perfect for Mother's Day.

On tonight's episode of Bong Appetit, it's Take Your Mother To Work Day when Abdullah and Ry's moms join them for a weed-infused Mother's Day brunch hosted by Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson of Los Angeles' Kismet, where this refreshing cucumber and citrus salad crushed it. The ultra-bright salad stars two different kinds of citrus—mandarin oranges and blood oranges—plus crisp Persian cucumbers, all topped with a crunchy-tangy-nutty hemp-heavy and za'atar-inspired seed blend.


MAKE THIS: Cucumber and Citrus Salad

Because it's Bong Appetit (and because Abdullah's mom Seema wanted a THC-free brunch) the seed blend was bound with CBD oil. You might not have access to the Bong Appetit pantry—and if you do, we'll be right over—but the handy thing is that it works just as well with olive oil.

The salad also takes literally zero time to make, leaving you more time to sleep in, or smoke your pre-brunch j. Get the ingredients now and you could be floating on a cucumber-citrus cloud by dinner.

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