Gordon Ramsay Actually Just Praised Someone’s Cooking on Twitter

Tbf, the dish does look pretty good.
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB
May 9, 2017, 11:30am
Photo via Flickr user Leon Brocard

For the past couple of months, Gordon Ramsay has been critiquing people's cooking on Twitter. Fans of the celebrity chef tweet his account with photos of dishes they have made and he replies with constructive feedback.

Of course, because this is the man who made his considerable fortune hurling expletive-strewn diatribes at small town restaurant owners on national television (thanks for perpetuating a regressive stereotype, Gordo!), when we say "critiquing," we mean branding homemade lemon meringues as "oven baked fake turds" and when we say "constructive feedback," we mean put-downs like "How do you make an omelette look like a skin graft."


Most of Ramsay's followers seem to see these snarky tweets as harmless fun but last month, the trolling turned sour when the chef likened a fan's medu vada—an Indian fritter eaten for breakfast in much of South Asia—to prison food. Despite the medu vada cook taking Ramsay's criticism in his stride ("Anyone who has spent enough time on the Internet knows what they're in for when they send him a food picture"), many accused the celebrity chef of insulting Indian culture.

Perhaps in light of this incident—or maybe just because being a dick on social media all the time is tiring—last week, Ramsay doled out a rare scrap of praise for an amateur cook's work.

More than praise, in fact. He told a woman who tweeted him a photo of a pork dish to marry the guy who made it.

The photo, which was sent to the chef by Bridgett, a Twitter user from Florida, shows pork loin with asparagus and mushrooms. She asked: "What do you think of my fiancé's skillet pork loin?"

Ramsay replied in within five minutes: "Marry him."

Bridgett was understandably overjoyed with Ramsay's positive, albeit brief, response and tweeted back: "Omg! Best response! Thank you!! And marry him, I will!" Many other Twitter users also jumped on Ramsay's out-of-character reply, expressing their disbelief at the foul-mouthed chef directing an actual compliment towards someone else's cooking.

Others suggested that Ramsay should be invited to the wedding of Bridgett and her pork whizz fiancé. Cute!

On second thoughts, that might not be the best idea. No one wants to run the risk of being called an idiot sandwich on their wedding day.