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Hey Rude: John Lennon Mocked Disabled People Onstage

A newly discovered video reveals more of what we already knew about the wife-beating Beatle: He sucked.
Photo by Ron Case via Getty

For all the straight white men who sent me death threats and sanctimonious tweets regarding my article outlining John Lennon's treacherous personal life, the UK's Channel 4 has recently discovered a video of a 24-year-old Lennon mocking disabled people during a performance. Because the obvious response to Paul McCartney, when he tells you to "clap your hands and stomp your feet," is to do so cruelly and at the expense of an entire group of people.


The clip was aired during an episode of the Channel 4 show It Was Alright in the 1960s, the ultimate takeaway of which seems to be: Actually, it wasn't!