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'She's Deforming My Character': Ian Connor Responds to Amber Rose's Rape Comment

The 23-year-old fashion maven tells Broadly denies allegations made by Amber Rose that he has violated 21 women.
Ian Connor's Instagram

Ian Connor responded today to comments made my Amber Rose, who told the Daily Beast that she's been approached by at least 21 women who've accused Connor of raping them.

"I want to sue Amber but I'm not," Connor tells Broadly. "She's deforming my character. I'm being accused of rape, and I would never rape anyone. "

The 23-year-old Connor has worked as Wiz Khalifa's stylist and assistant and as a model in Kanye West's first Fashion Week presentation. His following on Instagram and Twitter took off when he began working with A$AP Rocky and consulting on fashion projects for West. He was prominently featured in West's February presentation of Yeezy Season Three at Madison Square Garden.


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In April, Broadly published records from the De Kalb County police Department in Georgia regarding an open sexual assault investigation involving Connor regarding alleged victim Malika Anderson. Anderson made her allegations against Connor public in an April 2016 blog post. Since then, six other women have come forward with accusations that Connor sexually assaulted them. He has not been formally charged with a crime related to these allegations.

Connor's own social media posts have often done more to hurt than help his cause. On January 23, 2013 he said (in a since-deleted tweet) "If I Eat You Out or Buy You Something You Have No Choice but to Fuck Me. I'm As Serious As Can Be With this One."

"I'm not excusing those tweets," Connor tells Broadly. "But they are from a long time ago. At the end of the day, how many rappers rap about killing people or selling drugs but have never even picked up a pistol or seen crack in real life? It's for retweets, for attention, and that's back when I was younger before I had a platform. It was just stupid shit."

"I honestly believe Amber is doing this for attention," Connor says. "I believe she is a good person who cares about rape victims but Amber knows—actually knows—me. What Amber is doing is all for attention."

When asked how he responds to the allegations against him by the seven women, Connor says, "I do not condone rape and I have never raped anyone. Why force somebody to do something they don't want to do? Any forced situation is not cool."