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Junior Galette, Linebacker, Accused of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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Position: Outside linebacker
Height / Weight: 6'2" / 258 lbs
College: Temple University, Stillman College
NFL draft: 2010 / Undrafted
Career history: New Orleans Saints (2010–2014), Washington Redskins (2015–present)

On January 5, 2015, in Kenner, LA, Junior Galette was arrested and charged with simple battery involving domestic violence after a woman called 911 from his residence.

According to a police report obtained by Broadly, an unidentified woman alleged that, while at Galette's home, she was "jumped" and beaten by Galette and his cousin, Terrance Banks. The woman said that she had lived with Galette for more than two years and was in the process of leaving the residence. She told police that she awakened Galette to ask him to call her a cab and for money because she didn't have any. She said that she and Galette began to argue after he and Banks both refused to call her a cab or give her money. She said Galette pushed her twice, causing her to fall to the ground, and both men overpowered her while she was on the floor "to the point where it was difficult to breathe." When she attempted to dial 911, she said, Banks forcibly removed her cellphone to prohibit her from calling the police. She said after this confrontation, she armed herself with a knife. According to her statement, Banks placed her suitcase and other belongings outside the home.


A recording of a 911 call placed by the alleged victim, also released by Kenner Police Department, features a woman sobbing, saying she was thrown out of the house and that her earring was ripped from her ear. That is how police found her when they arrived.

Galette maintained that he did not touch the woman, that he did not live with her, and that she had merely spent the night. Banks admitted to picking the woman up and placing her outside, but claimed that he did not cause her injuries.

A video, filmed by Galette shortly before his arrest and released by the Kenner Police Department, shows a woman holding a knife begging him for her phone.

In February 2015, the criminal charges were dismissed. The woman then filed a civil lawsuit against Galette, claiming that he drugged her and allowed other Saints players to grope her during their long-term relationship, which she described as "open concubinage." The woman alleged that Galette "methodically cut off [her] ability to contact friends and even her own mother in his attempt to control [her] and make her totally dependent upon him for all her needs." In August 2015, the suit was dismissed because the alleged victim failed to appear in court.

In December 2015, the woman filed a new civil lawsuit against Galette. The new lawsuit scales back the original allegations related to the incident on January 5, 2015; in it, the woman alleges that Galette threw her to the ground, kicked her, scratched her, punched her, and ripped an earring out of her ear, but it does not claim that Galette drugged her or that Galette allowed other Saints players to sexually assault her.


In June 2015, a video taken during a brawl on a beach in March 2013 began circulating online. In it, a man who appears to be Galette can be seen fighting with people and striking a woman twice with a belt.

Galette's lawyer Ralph Whalen said that he didn't believe the man in the video is Galette, but a series of posts on social media show Galette, in the same outfit, on the same day, partying on a beach.

In July 2015, the New Orleans Saints released Galette due to the aforementioned off-field incidents. Later that month he signed a one-year contract with the Washington Redskins. On November 16, 2015, the NFL suspended Galette for his role in the January 2015 incident. He was already on injured reserve, so he won't miss any games. He will lose two paychecks.

Galette did not return Broadly's request for comment.