The Revenge's Sensational Is a Deep, Dark, and Delightful Affair

The Scottish selector's turned in a top-tier two hours of sweaty belters for the heads.
August 12, 2016, 10:00am

The Glaswegian edit-king The Revenge, AKA Graeme Clark, has served up an absurdly delicious two hour set stuffed to the gills with the kind of spacey, deep, dark, cosmic house that's exactly the kind of thing we find ourselves craving at the strangest times. In meetings, and on busses, down the cornershop or in the bath, we've found ourselves saying "FUCK, I WANT TO BE LISTENING TO THAT UTTERLY BRILLIANT MIX THAT THE REVENGE DID FOR US." And then we listen to it, and everything's alright.


The reason he's been kind enough to send a mix our way is that he's just released a truly sensational remix of "Don't Come Home" by Gavin Froome. We said, as we always do, "Hello Graeme, that remix you've just done on Nordic Trax is brilliant. We want to hear that song surrounded by lots of other really great songs, picked by a really great DJ." A USB parachuted down to our desk and there was the mix.

Taking in everything from out of this world ambience by the KLF and choppy, chord-y tech-tinged big room workouts, to cowbell-heavy lithe rollers and sweat-soaked chunky numbers straight out of the Chicago playbook, the mix is proof if proof needs be that Clark's one of the most underrated DJs on the circuit. Someone give the man a medal.

Check out the mix and a chat with Clark himself below.

THUMP: Can you tell us a little about your Gavin Froome remix?
The Revenge: I've known the Nordic Trax guys for a long time and when they sent over Gavin's track it sounded like something I could put my own twist on so I was happy to get involved. I actually did three or four versions before I settled on the final one. I really liked the vocal in particular and built the mix around that.

Is remixing an underrated artform or an overrated easy(ish) way for producers to make some pocket money?
Personally I love doing remixes and I love the art of remixing. It's a great way to take a track somewhere else. Sometimes the money is good, and sometimes not so good. My favourite remixes of my own have usually been the ones done for the least money to be honest. Maybe there's less pressure and I feel a little bit freer to do my own thing. It doesn't ever bother me that the original track might not be to my liking—in fact that sometimes is more exciting to me.


If you had to single out one remix from the (possibly) billions that sit in bargain bins the world over as worth sending to aliens as proof of mankind's artistic endeavours, what'd it be and why?
The "Red Zone Mix" of Startpoint's "I Want You, You Want Me" is a great example of taking a track to another place. It just strips the track down to a really sensual house groove and slowly builds the tension to the end. It's a masterclass in remixing.

If this mix you've done for us could talk what would it say about itself?
It would say "where's the fucking disco mate?"

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold…what's in your dream picnic hamper?
Two scotch eggs, a jar of pickles, a fudge doughnut and four cold cold beers.

Gavin Froome's Don't Come Home EP is out on Nordic Trax on the 18th of August. Pre-order it here.

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