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Around the World With Brisbane Singer-Producer Jarryd James

The rising talent serves up a photo diary featuring not one, but two dogs. And a dude with a sick mullet.
July 8, 2015, 6:50am

Things are starting to blow up in a big way for Brisbane singer-producer Jarryd James, thanks in great part to the break-out smash "Do You Remember" and the recent follow-up single "Give Me Something". As such, the dude's in high demand locally in Australia (where he's currently on a run of tour dates leading into a Splendour in the Grass appearance) as well as making waves abroad. He gives THUMP a peek into his world courtesy of a tidy little travel diary, covering from Melbourne to Europe. There will be dogs.


Jarryd James: Here is a dog that I met at a studio I was at in Melbourne where my friend Matty was recording. She thought she was a plant. For real. She then tried to jump up on the table to get at all the human food and stacked it big-time.

I was in Paris on a promo trip and this train track and tunnel were right next to my hotel which was called Mama Shelter. There were all these people just walking into the tunnel and disappearing, and then someone told me that further up there is the cemetery that Jim Morrison was buried in and that's probably where the people were going.

While in Paris I met up with Angus & Julia Stone. We had drinks at a rooftop bar called Le Perchoir. We then went in search of burgers and I found this girl on a wall in some back alley.

At Mama Shelter my bed had a crazy light headboard. For ages I couldn't figure out how to turn it off..There was also a Darth Vader lamp which really set a nice mood in the room…

When I had a day off I went for a wander through the city and found myself in a clothing store trying on some jeans, and this little guy suddenly shows up. I wasn't mad about it, even though he sprung me with my pants down.

My hotel room in Berlin had a pattern on the floor that made me a little dizzy. There was also a piano which was nice, and everything was pink. It took me a little while to figure out how to change the language on the television menu but then when I finally did I discovered that all the channels were in German. Not sure why I was surprised by this really..


I feel like the image speaks for itself.

Germany has woods everywhere and all I wanted to do was go and explore in them but I didn't have time :'(

Another interesting fact: at the time of taking this photo we were travelling at approximately 200km/h. Don't worry mum I was not driving the automobile.

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Tour dates:
Friday July 3 // The Hi-FI // Brisbane
Friday July 10 // The Metro // Sydney
Saturday July 11 // The Forum // Melbourne

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