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Watch Light Race Through a Loop-the-Loop of Light Bulbs

Espadaysantacruz's 'Light Kinetics Loop' gives light the properties of a rolling ball.
GIF and screencap by the author

Spanish creative studio Espadaysantacruz have created a loop-the-loop of light bulbs for their interactive installation Light Kinetics. The experiment debuted at IED Madrid's design school's interactive night, and follows a previous project of theirs which also explored the materiality of light by giving it the properties and manipulability of a solid object through a physics simulator.

Users start a chain reaction by tapping the first bulb, causing a kind of domino effect where the light flows down the slope, around the loop, and up the other side. Given physical properties, it acts like a ball might, losing or gaining momentum as it rides down or up the track.


"The system is powered by Unity 3D that simulates [the] forces that apply to the virtual corpuscle," Espadaysantacruz explains how it works. "A piezoelectric sensor situated in the first bulb captures the force of the tap, generating a light particle that moves along the loop. All the shades of the energy are reflected in the trajectory of the light." Check out Light Kinetics below, and click here to visit Espadaysantacruz to learn more.


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