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Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look Inside Robert Rauschenberg's Archives

What did the late painter think of art school? Read on.
The warehouse manager Thomas Buehler alongside a new shipment from Captiva. Photo: Nicholas Calcott for T Magazine

In piles of accumulated objects including bicycles, Polaroids, and letters to famous friends, you can take a rare behind-the-scenes look at the late artist Robert Rauschenberg’s archive-in-progress. The interactive video series, which premieres on T Magazine, followswriter Dan Chiasson's exploration into Rauschenberg’s legacy in Mt. Vernon, NY, and the worlds of creativity the artist materialized.

Today on The Creators Project, you can watch three never-before-seen clips of Rauschenberg at work.


Of the archiving effort, Chiasson writes, "You could argue that the Foundation is creating, in a social space, a giant Rauschenberg: his final, most collaborative and most interactive environment, the ultimate manifestation of his wish to live inside of his art and to invite others in, too.”

Check out more images and videos below, and read the full article on T Magazine here.

One of Rauschenberg’s notebooks. Photo: Nicholas Calcott for T Magazine

A swatch of one of the artist’s pigments. Photo: Nicholas Calcott for T Magazine


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