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Watch a Supercut Tribute to Spike Jonze's Stunning Cinematography

Spike Jonze makes beautiful films, and editor Miguel Branco brings them all together in his new supercut, 'ciné.'
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Throughout the course of Spike Jonze's 14-year feature film career, the director has tackled big issues like innocence, love, and self-hatred with a level of depth that has left some of today's brightest creative minds reeling. From brilliant acting to well-thought-out writing, Her, Adaptation, Where the Wild Things Are, and Being John Malkovich are more than just touching stories on multiple levels—they require multiple watchings not for coherence, but for true appreciation.


Editor Miguel Branco has spliced together a moving supercut of these worlds called ciné: Spike Jonze, setting his focus on the visual themes and frames through which the audience experiences them. "Jonze’s experimental and unique approach to telling stories is what sets him apart from the pack," Branco writes in the video's description. Ciné: Spike Jonze is the first in a nine-part series which Branco will add to with an exploration of one new director each month. Watch the supercut above, and visit Branco's YouTube channel to keep up-to-date on theseries.

Check out our documentary Her: Love in the Modern Age below for another reminder of the moments that make Jonze's most recent feature special.

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